Original German WWII Air Signals Female Auxiliary Personnel M38 Overseas Wool Cap size 58 - dated 1942

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available.  This is a very nice and hard to find example of a German WWII Air Signals Female Auxiliary (Luftnachrichten Helferinnenschaft) overseas cap (Schiffchen). The overseas cap, was nicknamed in German military slang as Schiffchen, or literally "little ship" as it resembled an up-turned row-boat, was standard issue for this organization.

This example is constructed of a Luftwaffe blue/grey wool exterior, with fold down side and back panels with gently sloping, downward scallops to the front and forward sides. The top edge of the fold down panels are piped in twisted golden/brown rayon branch of service piping, which has faded over the years. The front center of the cap has a machine embroidered Luftwaffe eagle in white threads on a cut-out blue/grey wool base neatly handstitched to the cap. No cockade as per regulations.

The rayon lining has a clear manufacturers marking, complete with size and date:

Uniformen und Mützen
1942    58

Condition of this cap is very good, though it unfortunately has suffered moth damage to the outer shell over the decades.  The interior lining has not been affected, and is still in great shape. The piping color is also somewhat faded Ready to add to your collection!

Background on the Luftwaffe Female Auxiliary

Although the Luftwaffe had utilized civilian female employees in secretarial and clerical positions, it was contrary to the NSDAP’s views on women to draft them into active military service roles. As the war progressed and additional manpower was needed at the front, more and more women were recruited into service, albeit still retaining their civilian status. Besides the secretarial and clerical positions female civilians were also employed as Flugmeldedienstpersonel (Aircraft Reporting Service), personnel that were tasked with operating assorted aircraft visual and sound detection equipment, and radar stations to warn of incoming enemy aircraft.

On February 26th 1941, the Luftwaffe constituted the Luftnachrichten Helferinnenschaft, (Corps of Women Signals Auxiliaries), which incorporated the Flugmeldedienstpersonel and were tasked with aircraft warning and communication services. The Flugmeldedienst and Luftnachrichten Helferinnenschaft personnel were outfitted with uniforms on June 11th 1940 that included an overseas cap. Additional regulations of November 26th 1940 dictated the female auxiliaries overseas caps were to have the crown trimmed in golden/brown branch of service piping. Regulations also instructed that the female auxiliaries overseas caps were to be worn without the national tri-color cockade applied, but the regulation was not always adhered to.

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