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Original German WWII Rare 1943 dated Kampfpistole Z Model LP 34 Signal Flare Pistol by Bernhard Berghaus - Missing Parts

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Original item: Only One Available. This is a very rare example of the German WWII Kampfpistole (struggle pistol), also called the Kampfpistole Z, or "Z-Gun". It is a specialized flare gun introduced into German service during 1939 and served throughout World War II. It is a single shot, break action, flare gun designed and produced by Walther, and was based on the earlier Leuchtpistole 34.

Externally both the Kampfpistole and the Leuchtpistole 34 were nearly identical. The difference between the two models was the Kampfpistole had a rifled barrel while the Leuchtpistole 34 was a smoothbore gun. The Kampfpistole could be identified by a Z engraved on the barrel of the gun. Also, the hammer was a different design, easier to cock with the thumb. Like the LP34, the Kamppistole's barrel and frame were machined from "duralumin" alloy, and had bakelite pistol grips. The primary roles for the Kampfpistole were signaling, illumination, target marking, or concealment with a smoke grenade. Later during World War II, explosive rounds were developed to give German troops a small and lightweight grenade launcher for engaging targets from close range which could not be engaged satisfactorily by infantry weapons or artillery without endangering friendly troops. It is this use as a lightweight anti-tank gun that really brought fame to the "Z-gun", making them highly desirable.

This example bears original German maker code duv, which stands for Berliner-Lübecker Maschinenfabriken Bernhard Berghaus of Lübeck, a German weapons manufacturer. During World War II it manufactured many firearms, including the Karabiner 98k, the GEW 43, Kar 43, and various parts for the MG 34 and 42. Below this is it stamped with the manufacture date of [19]43, and it has serial number 8994 / d above the trigger guard. It is nicely Waffenamt marked on the right side of the frame, with inspector number 214.

The barrel looks to have been replaced at some point, as it is stamped with a different serial number, 785, and the Waffenamt inspector number on the barrel is 280. This is the usual inspector for ERMA-Erfurter.  However, the frame has the correct trigger and "loaded" indicator on the breech, so it is definitely from a Kampfpistole. It does however look like when the barrel was replaced, the ejector actuator and spring that opens the barrel and holds the barrel catch closed were left out. The pistol however can still be locked closed by hand. 

Completely Original German WW2 manufacture in good complete condition, with a good amount of the original anodized finish present. The steel components still have a good blued finish, with a bit of light peppering. The pistol still has the original lanyard ring, which is very often missing.

This is a great chance to pick up a very rare variant of the German LP34, the "Z-Gun" Kampfpistole. Ready to display!

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