Original German WWII Panzer Tank Officer M40 Feldbluse with Badges - Dated 1942

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent example of a Panzer Tank Officer Model 1940 Feldbluse tunic. This beautiful tunic is nearly untouched. The tunic itself is made of a medium weight field gray/green wool. The front closes with six green painted pebbled buttons (top button is missing). The bullion Army breast eagle is stitched to the chest in a fashion typical of wartime German work. The collar tabs are correct for the rank, with rosa (pink) coloring, the Waffenfarbe (corps color) for Panzer Corps, and machine applied. The officer shoulder boards have a pink base and are neatly and tightly applied.

The exterior of this tunic is clean, retaining virtually all of the original wool nap, and showing no staining or fading. There are medal loops with an Original German WWII Iron Cross First Class medal, a silver grade panzer assault medal with maker marking, and a black wound badge which are all included with the jacket.

The inside of this Army tunic is fully lined with rayon, as is typical. The interior of the M36 style dark green badge cloth collar has button for affixing a collar bind. Hidden belt hooks are also present. There are ink maker stamps on the interior and it is dated August 1942.

Overall a fantastic condition Panzer Officer Uniform tunic with three original badges!

Approximate Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 10"
Shoulder to sleeve: 23"
Shoulder to shoulder: 17.5"
Chest width: 17"
Waist width: 16"
Hip width: 20"
Front length: 28"

A panzer division is one of the armored (tank) divisions in the Wehrmacht of Germany during World War II. Panzer divisions were the key element of German success in the blitzkrieg operations of the early years of World War II.

A panzer division was a combined arms formation, having both tanks (German: Panzerkampfwagen, transl. armored fighting vehicle, usually shortened to "Panzer"), mechanized and motorized infantry, along with artillery, anti-aircraft and other integrated support elements. At the start of the war, panzer divisions were more effective than the equivalent Allied armored divisions due to their combined arms doctrine, even though they had fewer and generally less technically-advanced tanks. By mid-war, though German tanks had often become technically superior to Allied tanks, Allied armored warfare and combined arms doctrines generally caught up with the Germans, and shortages reduced the combat readiness of panzer divisions. The proportions of the components of panzer divisions changed over time.

The World War II German equivalent of a mechanized infantry division is Panzergrenadierdivision ('armored infantry division'). This is similar to a panzer division, but with a higher proportion of infantry and assault guns and fewer tanks.
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