Original German WWII NSDAP 6th Edition Organization Book with Extensive Color Plates - Published 1940

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is the 6. Auflage (6th Edition) of the Organiſationsbuch der NSDAP (Organization Book of the NSDAP) and was published in 1940, right at the start of WWII. The book contains over 500 pages of the structure and organization of the NSDAP party and contains extensive color plates of insignia, flags and uniforms of all the elements under the Party. Measures 6"W x 8 1/2"H x 1 1/2".

The book is in used condition, and has had the original cover deteriorate, and is now held together by a yellowed plastic cover. It looks like it may have been in a research library collection at one point, as there is an asset number on the spine area of the cover. Some pages are loose, and all definitely show yellowing from age. We usually see these barely used, so this is a rare treat!

This book was the official NSDAP party guide published by Reichsorganisationsleiter der NSDAP, Dr. Robert Ley, describing in great detail the structure of the NSDAP and all its sub-organizations like no other book that was published in Germany between 1933 and May 1945. The book was never for public sale and only for party officials and offices. There are about 80 full color plates with uniforms, awards, banners, etc. plus countless other black and white illustrations in the text. A great reference book and must have for every collector of historical Third Reich material.

Comes ready to help with research!

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