Original German WWII Named Luftwaffe 49th Flak Artillery Regiment Kanonier Enlisted Fliegerbluse Tunic - dated 1937

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This very nice Pre WWII German Luftwaffe Mannschaften (Enlisted Man's) Four Pocket Fliegerbluse (Flyer's Blouse) Service Tunic is in lovely service used condition. This great piece is produced in blue grey wool and shows some fading from age and light exposure. All buttons are silver finished pebbled aluminum and back marked. The pocket flaps are square and not scalloped, common on the lower ranked tunics. It has a white thread embroidered Luftwaffe Eagle sewn on the top of the right breast pocket, which is a pre-war "Droop Tail" style, which are very desirable. This is definitely a uniform that saw long service during the war.

The interior of the tunic is lined with olive / gray light cotton canvas, which shows light wear. The inside of the left inner pocket bears an original name label, which reads:

Strauß Helm.
1. I. Fl. Regt. 49

This would indicate that Kanonier Helmet Strauß was a member of the 1st Company of Flak Regiment 49. There is also a stamped regimental designation on the lip of the pocket, which is partly illegible, but we can make out 1. ???? Flak. Rgt. 49. Above the pocket there are the size stamps for the tunic, and L.B.A. (S.) 37, from the Luftwaffebekleidungsamt, which means Air Force Clothing Office. This would indicate it was processed through there during 1937.

The collar piping and attached Kragenpatten (Collar Flaps) are in Tiefrot (Deep Red), the correct Waffenfarbe (Corps Color) for Luftwaffe Flak Anti-aircraft troops and other Artillery. The Schulterklappen (Shoulder Straps or Epaulettes) have the same color piping, correct simple style for an enlisted man, and both have a red 49 embroidered on them. There are two "gull wing" insignia on the Collar Flaps, indicating the artillery enlisted rank of Kanonier (Gunner), equivalent to a Gefreiter (Airman), confirmed by the single silver chevron on the left sleeve.

There is also a Kraftfahrpersonal Tätigkeitsabzeichen (Motorpool Vehicle Driver Trade Badge) under the chevron, indicating that they were trained as a driver. The Motor Vehicle Drivers trade badge was introduced on November 8TH 1935, for wear by all EM/NCO personnel who had fulfilled the requirements to obtain a military drivers license and were appointed as a driver.

Overall condition is very good, however there is definitely wear from service as well as light moth damage in areas. There is wear around the collar area, which is common, and there has been some repairs made to the fabric, which has worn through in places.

A great chance to pick up an very nice condition Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Kanonier's tunic with some great research potential. This would display great as is, or could be dressed up with some medals on the left side.

Approx. Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 9.5”
Shoulder to sleeve: 26”
Shoulder to shoulder: 15”
Chest width: 17”
Waist width: 17.5"
Hip width: 18.5”
Front length: 30.5"

The Luftwaffe, the air force of the German military during the Third Reich, was established in 1935. Over the next 10 years, Luftwaffe troops wore a huge variety of uniforms. Enlisted men generally wore uniforms issued from military depots. Most enlisted soldiers had wool trousers and a short jacket with two internal lower pockets, called a Fliegerbluse, as well as a dressier 4-pocket tunic, the Tuchrock. Officers wore the same general uniform styles, but as officers had to supply their own uniforms, they usually wore tailor made versions. There were also myriad varieties of specialized uniforms worn by certain units or in specific situations, from the tuxedo-style “gala” formal wear uniform of the pre-war period, to the plain coveralls worn by crews of anti-aircraft cannons. There were work uniforms, tropical and summer uniforms, and camouflage clothing for airborne troops and other Luftwaffe soldiers in ground combat. Flight crews had their own specialized gear, including leather jackets and warm, electrically heated suits. Most but not all Luftwaffe uniform jackets bore the Luftwaffe emblem of a flying eagle holding a swas.

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