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Original German WWII Named Hitler Youth Set - USGI Bring Back

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. These items were all brought back together by T/SGT John Imbrogno 33430399 at the end of WW2. We purchased it directly from the veteran’s family and were told that this was all collected from the same German soldier that had been a member of the Hitler Youth!

Included in this set are the following items:

• Genuine Hitler-Jugend member identification book named to Heinrich Ennenbach and dated March 2nd, 1939. A roughly 8.5cm x 12.5cm, triple fold, mid-weight, tan cardstock identification card with black printed, typed, handwritten and ink stamped information. The front cover features black printed Gothic script Mitglieds-Ausweis der Hitler-Jugend, (Member Identification Card of the Hitler Youth), and the HJ diamond emblem. The first internal page has a ink stamped black and white photograph of the recipient. The card also has the facsimile signature of Reichsjugendführer, Baldur von Schirach. The card is in overall very good condition with minor age and usage toning.
• 24 Stundenbilder für die Durchführung der Grundschule für Leibesübungen - Jungmädel. Handbook for War Sportwartin the Hitler Youth. With drawings by Karlheinz Grindler. Estimated year 1937. Cover has a few stains and some discoloration. Otherwise very good. Numbered 492.
• Hitler Jugend Black Leather Medical Pouch. Very nice condition, well marked Hitler Jugend black leather medical pouch. HJ diamond on the top of closure and inside is ink stamped. Maker marked on exterior: Reichsjugendführung Berlin Ausrüstungsamt Feldscherwesen. Offered in excellent condition
• Original German WWII Hitler Youth Summer Cap - HJ Sommer Mütze. This was known as a Hitler youth overseas cap or "Allgemeine Hitlerjugend Sommer-Mütze" (General Hitler Youth summer cap). It is a cotton twill tan colored cap with red rayon piping, cloth BEVO Hitler Youth cap insignia to the front with a tan oilcloth RZM label inside. It has a size ink stamp of 55. Overall condition is excellent.
• U.S. Bring back certificate receipt that states I certify that the inclosed articles were legally acquired by me, either through purchase or free gift. Signed Imbrogno, John T/SGT 33430399, dated June 15, 1945.


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