Original German WWII M40 Refurbished 2ndSS "Das Reich" Cloud Pattern Normandy Helmet - Stamped Q66

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a fine example of totally original Model M40 M-1940 German WW2 large size 66 helmet shell. The shell is stamped Q66 indicating that Quist in Esslingen, Germany manufactured it. Size 66 is a nice large size that can accommodate liners from 58cm to 60cm or US 7 1/4 to 7 1/2. Size 66 shells are always hard to find and are therefore more valuable to a collector.

Notable history of the WWII M40 2ndSS "Das Reich" Cloud Pattern Normandy Helmet:
- In June 1944 the unit was based near Paris in reserve and was released in response to the D-day landings
- The unit battled French Partisans for almost 2 weeks trying to make their way to the Beach landing front.
- Had they been deployed closer to the beaches, this unit could have been the difference between success and failure of the invasion.
- Deployed at Saint-Lo, the unit Kommandeur Ernst Barkmann, became famous with his use of the Panzer forces at a place called Barkmann’s Corner.
- After taking severe fighting near Mortain, the unit was forced to retreat to prevent being surrounded.
- In the fighting retreat of July ’44, the unit was instrumental holding one side of the Falaise pocket open to allow thousands of German troops to escape annihilation.
- This helmet represents the famous cloud pattern camo scheme so often seen in 1944 Normandy

What does refurbished mean? While the shell is 100% genuine WWII manufacture, we have tasked, perhaps the very best German Helmet restorer in the USA, to customize this helmet. Every detail is hand done, with the finest materials. Please know that the paint, decal, liner and chinstrap, while they look totally original are all new and the helmet has been refurbished to look as if it was picked up off the battle field by a USGI and brought home as a war trophy.

This helmet is one-of-a-kind there will never be one exactly like it making it a true collectors piece that will do nothing but appreciate in value in the coming years. This is a rare opportunity to own a genuine WWII German Helmet for a fraction of the cost of one with original camouflage paint and decals.

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