Original German WWII M38 Gas Mask in Size 3 with Filter, Canister, & Accessories - dated 1941

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent condition model M38 G-Maske or Gasschutzmaske (Gas protection mask), complete with an original Filter and Carrying can, all with WWII Dates and markings. Also included are wonderful accessories including spare lenses, a cleaning cloth, and internal retaining spring. The mask and accessories are truly in great shape, making this one of the most attractive offerings that we have had.

The model M38 was first issued to troops in 1938, replacing the earlier M30, made of rubberized canvas and rubber. The 38 body is made completely of rubber, ensuring a great seal, and less issues with degradation in service. The spring-loaded straps fit over the head and were tightened by means of sliding the web straps through metal buckles until the mask was as tight as the user could stand it - ensuring a good air tight seal. Another strap would be placed around the user's neck and if the mask was not in use it would rest on the chest should they need it in a hurry.

Markings on these masks were put into the mold for the rubber body, with this example marked flr between the eyepieces, for Dräger-Gesellschaft mbH in Vienna, Austria, a known producer of WWII gas masks. The mask is dated 15. Jan. 1941 on the left side under the gasket, and there is also a yellow Waffenamt WaA 713 stamp under the right side gasket.

German WWII Gas masks came in 3 sizes, this example is a size 3 (small), which was usually indicated by a number printed on the front of the mask between the eye pieces. The large size masks were designated with "1" and the small size is "3", which is a bit counter intuitive.

The metal alloy eye socket frames on this early issue M38 are painted green, and are the early non-magnetic type. In 1943, due to material shortages, gas masks were made with steel fittings, and had blue painted fittings to indicate that they were "magnetical".

The snout, also made from metal had a screw thread, into which the filter was inserted, and beneath that the discharge valve could also be found. This example is marked with N in a triangle, and has 41 in a circle, indicating 1941 manufacture. The included model FE37 filter can has all original ink stamps present, with a Waffenamt Eagle Wa. A. 533 stamp, and a 1938 date. It is maker marked, however it is not a marking that we recognize.

Condition of the mask really is excellent, and it and the filter look to be nearly unissued, with almost no signs of use. The rubber is still supple, and we do not see any cracking or other issues that we often see. The lenses and 1939 dated lens inserts have become somewhat yellowed over time, but are still transparent, with no cloudiness. The suspension straps are in great shape, and show no fraying or breaking of the internal springs.

The included carry case is a Long Model 1938 Wehrmacht type, which was introduced to house the stiffer M38 gas masks. It still has the original original metal inner sleeve, as well as both the Reinigungslappen (Cleaning Rag) and Lappenhalter (Rag Holder) spring, something we rarely see! The can is in very good original condition, and does not look to have had any repainting. The spare lens compartment is marked hhu 41, for 1941 production by H.A. Erbe AG, Schmalkalden in Thuringia, a maker of small arms components. The spare lens insert compartment still has the original retaining spring, and contains a pair of original 1939 dated inserts, still in their original wrapper. The straps are still present, though the shoulder strap looks to have been replaced later in the war.

Overall, a really nice military issue German WWII Gas mask, still retaining the original issued accessories. Ready to add to your collection and display!

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