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Original German WWII M24 Nb-Hgr Smoke Stick Grenade Case with Original Internal Rack and Grenades

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a truly excellent condition original German World War Two stick smoke grenade carry case, complete with internal rack for transporting 15 Nb. 39 Nebelhandgranate ("smoke hand grenade") stick hand grenades. The case still retains all original features including wood carry handle, cross locking system, and has original paint with white stenciling on the exterior and interior that reads:

15 Nb-Hgr
15 Nb Bz 38
15 Zündlg N 2

The internal rack still has the original paint, intact wood carry handle and all the heart shaped prongs for retaining the grenades are present. It has however suffered some rust damage, and the spring prongs are not all tight on the dummy grenades.

Also included are 15 reproduction M24 grenades (same shape as the smoke grenades) considered by most to be the very best on the market.

An amazing set, offered in near mint condition, not to be seen again!

History of the Nb. 39 Nebelhandgranate-

In 1939 the Stielhandgranate design was modified to create the Nebelhandgranate ("smoke hand grenade"). Smoke was used for masking protection from enemy fire and signaling. There are two variants, the Nb.Hgr.39 and the Nb.Hgr.39b The "b" version differs in the handle, having raised ridges and an additional white band to aid in identification at night. The Nb.39 "pot" contained a mixture of zinc powder and hexachlorethane which produced a smoke cloud upon ignition. Holes in the bottom provided an escape path for the smoke as it burned.

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