Original German WWII M1910 Enameled Steel Mess Kit Kochgeschirr by C.G. Kuchtel - Dated 1918

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. This is very good condition example of a German Mess Tin M1910 or Kochgeschirr Modell 1910 (cooking pot Model 1910). The design is similar to the later M31 Mess tin, but it is larger, and slightly different in design. It is a kidney shaped cooking pot with a total capacity of over 2 liters. It consists of 2 parts: the pot with the wire handle, and a cover with a handle to use as a plate.

This design was still in use until the end of WWII, supplementing the smaller M31. They were made of aluminum at that time, but during WWI they were made of enameled steel. This example is coated with black enamel, and has an additional coating of light blue enamel on the interior, as well as under the lid. The handle for the lid is marked with what looks to be C.G. KUCHTEL / 18, indicating 1918 manufacture. There is also a marking on the pot handle fitting, which looks to be KUCHTEL / 17.

Condition is very good, with some dents and chips in the enamel. The lid handle was not enameled, just painted, and much of the original paint has worn away.

A very nice Imperial German Mess Tin, ready to display!

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