Original German WWII Inert Luftwaffe 1kg Incendiary Fritz Fire Bomb B1 El with Attached Luftwaffe Insignia on Stand

Item Description

Original Item Only One Available. England was nearly brought to its knees by the blitz and one of the primary tactics the German Luftwaffe employed was firebombing. During WWII the Germans had high explosive bombs which possessed great destructive power, but perhaps the most potent of German bombs remained the tiny B1 El or Brandbomb 1 kg Elektron, a one kilogram incendiary bomb which, dropped in profusion, caused millions of dollars worth of fire damage and virtually burnt out whole districts of British cities.

This example is completely void of any explosive content, making it safe to handle. It is in total compliance with the current BATF standards governing ordnance and is not available for export.

These devices, which burnt with a heat sufficient to melt steel, consisted of a cylinder of Elektron Magnesium Alloy with an incendiary filling of Thermite, the incendiary elements being ignited by a small percussion charge in the nose which fired on impact.

Many Incendiary bombs could be dealt with by members of the public & Fire Guards, using a stirrup pump, bucket, and a special scoop called the "Redhill" Scoop which scooped up the burning bomb so it could be removed from the property.

This genuine now inert example in very good condition retains all of its original features including a complete fin set (often damaged or missing), magnesium body, and end cap. It has however had a Luftwaffe wreathed insignia attached to the side post war, and it was also mounted onto a 4 ¾" x 4 ¾" wooden base long ago for display. The base was originally painted black, but it looks to have been in attic storage for a long time, so the paint has started to flake away.

The inert bomb measures approximately 13.5" tall with a diameter of 2". These are extremely rare in such a condition are the ultimate reminder of the THE BLITZ that brought terror to the people of England thought the early stages of WWII.

Comes ready for display.

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