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Original German WWII Hitler Youth Medal and Insignia Grouping with HJ Knife

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Original Item: One Set Only. Hitler believed German youth to be the future of his 3rd Reich. The Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) was formed officially in 1935, and with the exception of Nazi ideology indoctrination was very similar to the Boy Scouts. Beginning at about the age of ten years, both boys (Hitler Jugend) and girls (Bund Deutscher Mädel) were enlisted in the Party-run organization. The boys only were given HJ Knives after having passed minor exams. The knives had nickeled hilts with black checkered grip plates. The obverse plate was fitted with an enameled HJ swastika insignia. Through 1937, these knives were etched with the motto of the organization, Blut und Ehre! (Blood and Honor!). Examples produced after this date were made with plain blades usually bearing an RZM (Reichszeugmeisterei) marking.

This incredible set consists of many of the accoutrements members of the Hitler Youth were given, including:

- German WWII Hitler Youth Knife by Anton Wingen, Jr. of Solingen. This fine example of the Hitler Youth Knife is marked with RZM code M7 / 51 / 39 indicating it is a knife or dagger, made by contractor Anton Wingen Jr, in 1939. The knife is a solid example of the type nickel-plated over a steel base, while the grip rivets are the later aluminum style. Sadly part of the bakelite grip panel on the reverse of the blade is missing. The HJ insignia is present, wiggling slightly to the touch as we like to see. The enamel HJ insignia looks good, with bright colors of red, white, black, with some discoloration of the gold due to oxidation. The scabbard shell is the typical tapered example, having good original paint. The paint shows some signs of usage and some wear on both sides, but it is still bright and rates at about 85%. The leather hanger and belt loop are unfortunately missing. The blade is in good shape, with the factory cross graining visible in many areas. There are few minor nicks on the cutting edge, but otherwise the blade is free of oxidation and other issues.

- Hitler Youth Armband. The standard armband worn over the uniform by members of the Hitler Jugend.

- Hitler Youth Sleeve Diamond. Insignia sewn onto the uniform sleeve by Hitler Jugend members.

- Nickel-plated Hitler Youth Buckle. Marked with RZM code M4/46 for a belt buckle (M4) made by Wilhelm Shroder & Co., Lüdenscheid.

- Hitler Youth Shooting award. This award is marked on the back with RZM code M1 / 120, which indicates an insignia (M1) made by contractor 120, which indicates Wilhelm Deumer of Lüdenscheid. The condition on this badge is fair, with most of the enamel on the front of the badge missing.

- Hitler Youth proficiency badge - Silver Grade in silvered zinc. This award is marked on the back with RZM code M1 / 34, indicating a badge (M1) manufactured by Karl Wurster of Markneukirchen. These awards came in different grades, indicating the proficiency level of the HJ Member. This pin also is serial number stamped with 180410, so there is some research potential with this badge

- Hitler Youth Sports Festival Pin, dated 1936. This was given to participants of the annual HJ sports festival. The back of the pin indicates manufacture by HOLLENBRAN Du. BRÖER of Lüdenscheid.

- Hitler Youth event tinnie. Marked D J H with a 1937 date.

- Hitler Youth event tinnie. Marked "Deutsches Judgend Fest 1937" for the 1937 Youth Festival.

- Hitler Youth paper event tinnie. Marked 1938

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