Original German WWII Hitler Youth Door or Wall Diamond Sign

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Original Items: Only One Available. This is really quite interesting, and something that we have not had before! It is a wooden and aluminum diamond shaped sign, designed for hanging on a wall or door.  It is approximately 6 inches wide, with a height of 10 inches. The "core" is a wooden block, which has been painted red, white, and black on the top, and covered with cellophane to protect the paint. Over this is an aluminum cover, which has the design of the Hitler Youth insignia.

From the looks of it, there was at one time a top/hook on this, which was probably removed when it was taken off the door by a USGI. There are still screw holes on the back however. There is a bit of age and wear to the aluminum, but overall it is very impressive, and quite rare. Ready to display!

Hitler believed German youth to be the future of his 3rd Reich. The Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) was formed officially in 1935, and with the exception of Nazi ideology indoctrination was very similar to the Boy Scouts. Beginning at about the age of ten years, both boys (Hitler Jugend) and girls (Bund Deutscher Mädel) were enlisted in the Party-run organization.

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