Original German WWII Brown P38 Police Softshell Holster by Gebrüder Klinge with Aluminum Badge - dated 1943

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice USGI Bring-Back holster from WWII, and was originally issued to the German Polizei (Police) during WWII. It is a standard soft-shell "break-away" design in brown leather, and has an aluminum police badge attached to the top flap.

The back of the holster is marked P38 on the upper right hand corner, and between the belt loops it is marked gxy 1943 over a Waffenamt inspection stamp. This indicates 1943 production by Gebrüder Klinge of Dresden-Löbtau, a known holster producer during the war.

The holster is complete and fully functional, with the original brown still present. This indicates it was most likely used by "Rural" Police in Germany, who had brown leather trim on their Tschako's and other equipment. There is the expected wear from age and service, but it is still quite attractive. The stitching is mostly intact, with some repairs made to the bottom of the holster. The closure strap is also torn through on one side of the eyelet hole, so it does not hold the stud securely.

Still, it presents very nicely, and would make a lovely addition to any collection. It would be perfect for any WWII Walther P.38 pistol in need of a nice condition original police holster.

The Walther Pistole 38 (P.38) pistol was first introduced in 1938 as a replacement for the P.08. The P.38 was a more cost-efficient and more reliable in war conditions such as mud and rain. The P.08 was a typical prewar German gun, over engineered to perfection, with a sensitive toggle breech system that would malfunction when dirt was involved. The P.38 was a workhorse that did just what it was meant to do. It could handle most harsh battlefield conditions and as such the closed hardshell holster was discontinued later in the war and replaced for a partially open softshell holster. During the War close around 900,000 were produced, so the holsters were also produced in large quantities.

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