Original German WWII 8 cm GrW 34 Granatwerfer 34 Mortar with Blank Firing Rounds

Item Description

Original and New Made Item: This is a partially original GrW 34 8 cm Mortar. The adjustable bipod and cradle are totally original German WW2 and marked as such (a few even have Russian capture data plates still attached!). The barrel tube and base plate are newly made blank-firing reproductions.

The 8 cm Granatwerfer 34 (8 cm GrW 34) was the standard German heavy mortar throughout World War II. It gained a reputation for extreme accuracy and rapid rate of fire, although it was not as effective when being operated by poorly trained crews.

The mortar consists of a baseplate, tube and adjustable bipod. The original WW2 German marked and dated bipod includes cross leveling, elevating and traversing mechanisms. The original WW2 German legs have spikes and feet at the bottom are adjusted to any of six positions by a lever and locking gears. The bipod is hinged and is easily folded for transportation.

The new made base plate is rectangular in shape and supports the mortar tube using a ball and socket mount. The new made barrel is an ingenious design. It’s a simple tube with an ejection sleeve that allow the blank firing mortars to quickly eject from the base after discharging their blank bang.

The mortar bombs themselves contain the only blank fire capability. They use a modified (2 or 1 3/4 inch cut down to 1 1/4 inch) 12 gauge shotgun shell blank. The mortar bomb itself contains a firing pin and the top of the mortar is completely closed and sealed preventing these from ever being able to expel a projectile of any kind. This design meets and exceeds all BATF requirements for blank fire weapons. All you do is load the mortar with a blank, drop it down the tube an hear it go bang, with a bit of smoke, it’s great fun and just perfect for WWII reenactments. Watch our youtube video to see how it works.

History of the GrW 34:

The weapon was of conventional design and broke down into three loads (smooth bore barrel, bipod, baseplate) for transport. Attached to the bipod were a traversing handwheel and a cross-leveling handwheel below the elevating mechanism. A panoramic sight was mounted on the traversing mechanism yoke for fine adjustments. A line on the tube could be used for rough laying.

The 8 cm GrW 34/1 was an adaptation for use in self-propelled mountings. A lightened version with a shorter barrel was put into production as the kurzer 8 cm Granatwerfer 42.

The mortar employed conventional 8 cm 3.5 kg shells (high explosive or smoke) with percussion fuzes. The range could be extended by fitting up to three additional powder charges between the shell tailfins.

NOTE: These mortars are built to order, so there can be a 1-2 week lead time.

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