Original German WWI Prussian Grenadier M1895 Officer Pickelhaube Spiked Helmet with Some Repro Parts

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This helmet was acquired as part of a very large collection of headwear we received in 2020. The collector was quite enthusiastic, and wanted to get the helmets into the best display condition as possible, so they attempted to restore many of them with reproduction parts. While often not restored in the most correct way, they definitely do still have a great look.

This is a traditional World War One German spike helmet with Prussian brass mounted leather helmet, commonly known as a Pickelhaube. The M1895 Pickelhaube was the final pre-1914 evolution in a long series of spiked helmets. It was manufactured from boiled leather that had been lacquered black, and provided with fittings made of brass or German silver, dependent upon the regiment. The protection it offered was severely limited and led to the evolutionary replacement by a steel helmet in 1916.

The front wappen features a crowned Prussian "Grenadier-Adler" state eagle clutching a sword and scepter in its claws, over the King's motto, MIT GOTT FÜR KOENIG UND VATERLAND (With God for King and Country, i.e. Prussia). The spike is original, with the plate showing some greenish patina. It has the correct "egg and dart" perlring and one star shaped rivet for officer issue. The top unscrews correctly for attachment of a plume.

The ‘lobster scale’ chin strap is a somewhat recent reproduction, as indicated by the color and condition of the leather backing. However it still has a nice patina to the brass. The black and white (Prussian) and Tri-color (German Empire) cockades around the chin strap lugs have the correct colors on them, but are not quite correct and are much newer than the collective components on the helmet. The screws that attach the chin strap to the kockarden are brand new looking as well, and are not the rivets associated with an original pickelhaube.

The helmet leather has shrunk over the years and has some lined crazing to it and the spots over the kockarden have worn a decent amount. The original liner is worn from years of service, and has lost the original officers silk skullcap that would normally be on the inside of the helmet. The leather is overall somewhat deformed, and the front visor is currently detached from the rest of the helmet.

This still is a fine display piece, manufactured not long before conflict began, and could be restored to its former glory by the right hands.

Overall length: 10 ½”
Overall width: 7 ½”
Height: 8 ½”
Circumference: 22”
Weight: 1lb. 1 oz.

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