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Original German WWI Mauser GEW 98 Deactivated Long Rifle- Dated 1908

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Original Item. One Only.

Introduced in 1898, this was the rifle Germany went to war with in 1914, designated as the Gewher 98. It was later modified to the shorter version used in WW2 designated the karabiner 98K.

This particular example is marked across the Receiver ring:


The rifle is smothered in WW1 era Proof Marks and "Gew 98" on the left receiver rail. The wood stock is in excellent condition, showing traces of proof marks under the polish on the butt. Most Serial Numbers match but not the correct straight handled bolt. Fore-stock shows evidence of being a WW1 G.I. bring back in that it has been severed on the diagonal and then re-glued which was a common habit of the returning G.I.s so that the rifle could then fit inside the kit bag. This was often referred to as a "duffle cut"

The metalwork is in fine condition and has been rendered totally inert by milling the underside of the receiver, welding the chamber aperture and welding the barrel to the receiver as well as machining away the bolt face, none of which is apparent from the exterior. It now conforms to the current BATF requirements. This weapon, now classed as a "NON-GUN", is totally legal to own without any Federal Licence as it can never be made to shoot again.

A fine example of what the Allies were facing in 1914 (and the Americans is 1917), complete and ready to Display

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