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Original German 1936 Hitler Youth Olympic Knife with Original Issue Sack - Emil Voos

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This Olympic Souvenir Knife has the same aluminum hilt as we find on Hitler Youth knives. The aluminum has a few mild age stains but barring these is in generally near excellent condition throughout.

The knife is equipped with stag grip plates. The stag has a nice dark tone to its grains throughout. The trimmed edges are just starting to take on a slightly golden tone. Having been protected all of these years they do not have the deep golden oxidation that we normally see on a stag grip. In the center area there is a Hitler Youth enamel diamond. This diamond has perfect enamel throughout and looks great with its red, white, silver and black swastika colors. The grip plates are retained by aluminum rivets which have dressed heads on both sides.

The scabbard shell is a steel tapered type and it is in good condition throughout. The paint is very good and in near excellent condition overall. The black leather belt loop is riveted to the scabbard. The leather retainer loop is intact and sound, and the snap clip functions perfectly.

The blade of this knife is etched on the obverse with a crown above a seal having the Berlin bear in the center. The seal and the crown are in a gilt-like color. Below this in five lines is:






This dedication means, To the glory of sports and the honor of the Fatherland. Below this is the German sports eagle being a half open-winged bird having a mobile swastika on its breast area. The bird has the five Olympic rings in his talons. These rings are colored in red, green, gold, blue and black.

The blade still has all of the original cross graining on it and is still bright. This blade is in near full mint condition with minor slide marks. On the reverse, there is an etching of the snake around the stump with the firm’s name and location above and below the stump, Emil Voos Solingen. Below this is the protected trademark term, GES. GESCHÜTZT. The original leather washer is in place.

Accompanying this fine knife is the original issue sack or bag. It is of a manila paper having the Emil Voos name and location printed on the front with the snake around stump logo. Below this is printed the name of the item, Fahrtenmesser. Below this in rubber stamping is the type of knife:



Below this is a printing indicating that the knife is produced of good steel.

This is an incredible opportunity to own one of the last remaining Olympic knives. These knives were found left over in Eastern Germany after the wall went down. There was a large carton of them that was brought into a German show and they were all sold in the middle nineties. Most of these have gone into private collections now so it is very rare to see one come to the market.

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