Original French WWI Pneumatic Mortar “Type A” Bomb For The Brandt 60mm Pneumatic Mortar - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice totally inert BATF compliant French Type A mortar round for the Brandt 60mm Pneumatic Mortar System.

Not Available For Export.

In WW1, the French utilized several pneumatic systems employed in the use of artillery. One of these was the Brandt 60mm pneumatic mortar which was a tube connected to pressurized tanks which was developed in 1915 by the Brandt company. The mortar was designed with the idea of portability in supporting the infantry, as it was considered light weight at 22 kg. The tripod or cradle it rested on weighed 16 kilos. One big advantage was that this mortar was very quiet and had no muzzle flash. Two types of shells were used, the first being type "A" like the example we have here which was smooth bodied and type "B" which had fragmentation grooves added in 1916. The type "A" shells were more common, however most are missing most of the paint and the fuse assembly is usually broken or missing like this one.

There are no markings present on the top unfortunately but much of the original paint is still present and the tail fin assembly is not broken nor repaired, something we see quite often with these types of mortars.

There is minor surface rust, giving this a nice “dug up” look and would display very nicely still. The fuse assembly, like most you come across, has unfortunately cracked and is missing 90 percent of it.

This is a beautiful looking piece of genuine WWI French ordnance and comes ready to display!

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