Original Danish M-1772/1806/1848 Percussion Dragoon Pistol with Shoulder Stock Fitting - Serial 283

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Original Item: Only One Available. These are very rare, and seldom seen on the market. This pistol started life as a Flintlock model 1772 Dragoon/Naval Pistol
with a 13" barrel. It's successor, the Model of 1806, was very similar but was not fitted for a ramrod and had a barrel of 10 1/2".

In 1848 Denmark was commissioning many of its small arms from Liege in Belgium. In addition to buying new weapons, some small quantities of the original Flintlock Model 1772  Dragoon Pistols were sent to Liege to be converted to the Percussion Cap system. These modifications including the shortening of all the 13" barrels to the 10 1/2" used on 1806 models, with the loss of the front ramrod pipe. A cap-lock bolster was added to the barrel during the ignition conversion, and the lock now INCLUDED a Dog Lock Catch to act as a safety. Upon completion of the work the barrels were stamped LIEGE or BELGIUM on the left side next to where these pistols normally bear their Regimental Unit Markings.

Our example is absolutely text book, with an overall length of 18 inches. It has the remains of the Regimental Markings and is in excellent cleaned and restored condition. It does show some wear, and there is a crack on the right fore stock. The butt cap is loose, and the adjacent end of the trigger guard is broken off at the screw. Originally in 1772 production was limited to 5,000 pieces, as Denmark is a small country and our example carries a serial number of 283 on the lock plate, butt cap, and barrel. There are also additional markings and proofs on the lock plate and barrel, which we cannot decipher.

BEST OF ALL, as it this pistol was already cut for the addition of a Military shoulder stock that attaches to the iron grip tang, we are able to INCLUDE the iron attaching bracket from just such a shoulder stock, so all you need is the wood! We have not had one of these before, and it is unlikely we will again.

A rare Military Pistol, with full military proofs and a butt stock fitting. Ready to Display.


Years of Manufacture: 1772-1848
Caliber: .63" Pistol
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 10 1/2 Inches
Overall Length: 18 Inches
Action: Percussion Dog-Lock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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