Original Chinese Korean War Era 26mm Type 57 Flare Pistol by Jianshe Arsenal, Copied From Soviet SPSh-44 Signal Pistol - Non-Import, Dated 1952

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic example of a non-import Chinese Type 57 Signal Pistol, which was copied directly from the Soviet SPSH-44 Signal Pistol. The gun was designed by G. S. Shpagin as a replacement for the previous models of the Red Army signal pistol.

In 1943 he made first version of the gun - 26mm SPSh-43 flare (signal) pistol (26-мм осветительный (сигнальный) пистолет СПШ-43). In January 1944, The second version of this pistol was made - SPSh-2 (СПШ-2).

After tests and trials, in 1944 SPSh-2 flare gun was officially adopted as the new standard Red Army signal pistol. In May 1944 it began mass production as SPSh-44 signal pistol.

Later it became the standard flare gun in all Warsaw Pact countries.

In the mid-1970s, experimental cartridges for immobilization of wild animals for SPSh-44 signal pistol were made and tested.

This example is marked as being serial number 57024. The marking on the left side of the frame reads as I296 (star) 1952. This indicates manufacture by the Jianshe Arsenal, which is also known as state factory 296 (formally 21). State factory 296 was moved to Chongqing in 1939 and subsequently named Jianshe Machine Tool Factory in April 1957. A wide variety of small-arms were produced here. In current times it's tied to China South Industries where they still produce small-arms and all sorts of other things such as ATVs and motorcycles etc today.

The pistol itself appears to be functional, with full functionality, though these are being sold as untested and as a display item only. Completely original Chinese manufacture in very good, complete condition with lovely brown / red wood grip panels. The pistol is very clean, though it does have signs of past pitting and oxidation present. There are no import markings that we have been able to find. The pistol breaks open correctly with ejection, has an intact firing pin, and dry fires.

A lovely, rather rare example of a genuine Korean War bringback. Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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