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Original British Yataghan Sword Bayonet by Reeves for the Kynoch Centerfire Converted M1873 Chassepot Rifle

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. In the 1870's the French Needle fire Rifle adopted in 1866 was replaced by the M.1874 centerfire cartridge GRAS Rifle. Many Chassepot rifles were converted to the new cartridge, and the British firm of KYNOCH, best known for its ammunition manufacture jumped into this program.

The result was essentially a British version of the French Gras Rifle, however KYNOCH guns operated and presented better. Sales however were not to expectations and the MARTINI HENRY dominated the British home and Colonial Markets.

Here is a 27 1/2“ long Chassepot style brass hilted saber or yataghan bayonet, with a lovely 22 3/4“ long blade marked on the blade to the rear of the spine REEVES / BIRM’M. In fine to truly excellent condition with absolutely no other markings whatsoever or any evidence of any ever having been there, save for a very small “P” near the crossguard. Comes complete with full brass mounted leather scabbard, the top brass mount dented to rear.

Absolutely original and ready to display!

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