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Original British WWI Royal Army Medical Corps Document and Swagger Stick Grouping named to Capt. B.F. MacNaughton MD

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Original Items: One Set Only. This is a wonderul grouping of documents along with a Swagger Stick and eppaulette from Benjamin Franklyn Macnaughton, who was born and received his education and Medical training in Canada.

This is what we know from the documents included:

- He achieved his Certificate of Military Instruction as an Infantry Officer on AUGUST 22nd. 1910. (Original Certificate included).

- He was Commissioned by King George Vth on JUNE 4th 1915 as a Lieutenant. (Original Commission certificate included).

- He was posted to the Balkans in 1915 where he was awarded the 1914/15 Star for August 1915.(photocopy of award included).

- He was returned to England from SALONIKA, (Original travel orders included dated May 15th. 1916).

- He was apparently then sent to DURBAN, South Africa where CAPTAIN Macnaughton was issued a NON TRANSFERABLE LIQUOR PERMIT on JUNE 21st 1918. (Original Permit included)

- Captain Macnaughton was discharged from the Army on AUGUST 2nd 1919. (His Discharge letter included).

- Finally we have a Certificate from THE ST. JOHN AMBULANCE BRIGADE OVERSEAS, appointing B.F. MACNAUGHTON M.D. C.M. DIVISIONAL SURGEON on AUGUST 18th. 1921.

In addition to these documents, we have the light weight eppaulette from Captain Macnaughton's Tropical uniform displaying his three captains Pips. This is most likely from his time in South Africa.

Last of all we have his Officer's Swagger Stick made of wood to complete this set. It is engraved with CAPT. B.F. MACNAUGHTON. M.D. R.A.M.C., and is in excellent condition, with the brass tip still intact. This stick was apparently made using the root of the cane as well, giving it a lovely curved grip.

In very good condition, worthy of research, ready to display

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