Original British WWI R.F.C. Trench Art Tobacco Jar made from Zeppelin L.31/LZ.72 Shot Down Oct. 1916

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is a charming Tobacco Jar, made from a spent brass anti-aircraft shell and aluminum parts that actually came from the Zeppelin L 31. Measures just 3 3/4" tall on its wood stand and just 3" across, this depicts an RFC Bywing Aircraft with a rotating propeller sitting a top the brass Tobacco Container, dated 1916 on the top. A small aluminum plaque to front states:-

LZ 31
39 SQ

Trench art that was never in a trench! The LZ 72 was an R-CLASS SUPER ZEPPELIN, also known by tactical numbering L 31. This class measured of Zeppelin measured about 650 feet in length, and were employed in numerous bombing runs. L 31 had first bombed London in the summer of 1916. It was later shot down by pilot Wulstan Tempest of the RFC 39th Home Defense Squadron just after midnight on October 2nd 1916.

A fascinating ZEPPELIN/ROYAL FLYING CORP relic ready to display.

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