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Original British WWI Corona No. 3 Portable Typewriter 1912 with Carry Case - British Army Issue

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Item Description

Original Item: This CORONA No. 3 introduced in 1912 was the model used by Ernest Hemmingway who declared it to be: "The only psychiatrist I will ever submit to!"

This Portable was based on the standard Folding Model of 1906 but was far lighter and greatly improved. This model was so efficient, compact and light that the British Army in WWI adopted it. This example is nicely marked with a British military broad arrow on the case. This example dates from as early as July 1st 1917 (as patent dates indicate on back of machine).

As well as Ernest Hemingway this model was still in use in WW2 and in the film THE LONGEST DAY when war correspondents were shown on the Normandy beaches typing away and getting their dispatches out by carrier pigeon.

Beautifully detailed this machine, only 11" wide, comes in a high quality leather case (12.5" x 10" x 6") with purple velvet lining, drawer for paper and accessories beneath.

The finish on the typewriter is excellent with virtually no paint loss and all Corona decals still intact. A truly amazing find to have survived more than 100 years in such condition having been in the closing years of WWI.

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