Original British War of 1812 U.S. Captured Tower 3rd Model P-1796 Brown Bess Flintlock Musket marked ANNAPOLIS with Bayonet

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic example of a British Third Model Brown Bess, with the 39" barrel adopted in 1796, as well as its original socket bayonet. Also known as the "India Pattern", it was the standard Musket of the line during the early 19th Century, used both during the Napoleonic Wars as well as during the War of 1812. This musket was almost certainly captured during the latter conflict, as it is carved on the buttstock with 9B - ANNAPOLIS - M, probably indicating issue to the Militia in the Annapolis, Maryland area, 9th Battalion. U.S. Surcharged Brown Bess muskets are rare, and examples like this are even more so.

The musket has a lovely walnut stock, which still retains the "bannister rail" butt stock, a feature that was basically done away with after 1807. The musket has a full 39" regulation length, .75" smoothbore iron barrel, which bears British Proof Marks, which are still fully clear. These include a faint CROWN / GR / BROAD ARROW, the royal cypher, and the CROWN / CROSSED SCEPTERS of Thomas Ketland of St Catherine St, Weaman Row Birmingham, who worked 1766 to 1810. This was later adopted as the mark of the Birmingham Proofhouse. It's somewhat rare to see the proofs still visible, as they are in a high wear area exposed to corrosive black powder.

The lock plate is fully marked with CROWN / G.R. mid lock for King George III, with TOWER across the tail. Under the flash pan is the correct CROWN / BROAD ARROW "Lock Viewer's Mark". The lock has a swan neck cock, indicating pre-1808 construction, so this is a rifle that was in service during the Napoleonic and War of 1812 Era. It has all regulation brass furniture, together with correct issue iron ramrod. Shows use but remains in amazingly tight and clean condition. The lock is functional, however the tumbler is worn so the lock will fire at half cock. The barrel has some powder burns on the right side by the lock, but is otherwise very nice.

The stock on this example is in very good shape, with the usual denting and scratching from wear, expected on a musket that has seen real service. Aside from the "Annapolis" marking, there are also what look to be proof marks on the left side of the stock to the rear of the side plate. The left side of the butt stock also shows an arrow in a circle, but we do not understand the significance. Both sling swivels are present and in good condition. There is a ramrod under the barrel, but it is missing at least 10 inches in length, which probably rusted off long ago.

The included socket bayonet is really a great example, signed by maker Osborn and bearing British proof marks on the blade. It correctly mounts to the front of the musket quite securely, and only shows moderate wear and oxidation. We rarely get original Brown Bess bayonets, and this is definitely a choice example.

A fantastic War of 1812 Captured Brown Bess Musket, put into service in the United States. This is both a great example of this type of musket with bayonet, as well as a fantastic historical piece! Ready to add to your collection and display!

Specifications (Musket):-

Years of Manufacture: Circa 1796-1805
Caliber: .75" Musket
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 39 inches
Overall Length: 55 inches
Action: Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

Specifications (Bayonet):-

Blade length: 17"
Blade style: Triangular Socket
Socket Length: 4"
Overall length: 22"

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