Original British P-1856/58 Yataghan Sword Bayonet with Scabbard for Enfield Short Rifle and Artillery Carbine

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Just about the cleanest and crispest example that we've ever seen. Intended for use with both the Enfield P-1853 Percussion .577 caliber Short Rifle and Artillery Carbine fitted with bayonet stand on barrel. The yataghan blade is 23" long and marked with the Maker's logo of a Knight's Armored Head for the Solingen firm of "C.R.KIRSCHBAUM". This company would later become W.R. Kirschbaum (his son), which would later merge with Weyersberg to form the legendary Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. The other side of the blade shows a Broad Arrow over W.D. (War Department) with inspector's markings below.

Steel hilt with black checkered grips which are absolutely mint. The long bayonet button leaf spring is held in place by a screw bolt and not riveted. Comes complete in its almost perfect steel mounted black leather scabbard, which even has visible proof marks stamped into the leather below the throat.

Without doubt the finest example we've ever seen. For more information See Watts and White, THE BAYONET BOOK, page 368/369.

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