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Original British Napoleonic P-1804 Naval Boarding Cutlass from the Trafalgar Period

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Original Item: One Only. Probably one of the Royal Navy's most romantic weapons, the P-1804 Boarding Cutlass. This absolutely original example with a 24" straight blade, and being 28 1/2" overall length. The iron bowl guard is in the shape of a figure eight and protects the all iron grip which is heavily molded with horizontal grooves to enable a sure grasp.

Our example is just classic, no longer showing any markings in that the surface is covered in old pit markings from extended exposure to sea air. These were often held in racks on the decks for easy access for the crew to repel boarders.

In service at the time of Nelson's great victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, the figure of eight British Naval Cutlass has passed into the Sea Lore of the Royal Navy. A wonderful ORIGINAL example, grip still painted black as originally, ready to display.

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