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Original British Napoleonic P-1796 Light Dragoon Saber - Named to Waterloo Soldier and Maker Marked has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

Original British Napoleonic P-1796 Light Dragoon Saber - Named to Waterloo Soldier and Maker Marked

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Original Item: One of a Kind. Just in from England, and is clearly a "BARN FIND"! This is a private purchase P-1796 variant Saber of particularly interesting design. The pommel is greatly extended in almost a bird's beak shape, giving a very pleasing effect. The very curved, hatchet point blade on these swords is the one Napoleon himself apparently complained, stating that it gave an inhumane wounds and was against the "Spirit of War". This example is very faintly maker marked on the side of the blade in script:


The 33" blade, which is widest at the front at over 1 1/2", has been polished over the centuries, and the business edge does not show much use. The iron hilt and scabbard are covered in old rust and pitting. The leather covered wood grip is intact but shows a few worm holes, long dead. The area of the scabbard under the Chappe, the small shield shaped section of hilt that protrudes in front of the cross guard, shows virtually untouched steel scabbard underneath ,whereas the rest of scabbard overall shows the old rust and pitting. This definitely seems to indicate that this sword sat in some Landowner's Barn or attic for a very great length of time.

Most interestingly, there has been a Silver plaque added to the scabbard, this is also worn I suspect from much cleaning in it's early life before storage. The plaque, most probably installed by a family member, son or grandson perhaps, states:

The Sword carried by
Capt. John Carr. 15th King's Light Drag.s
at WATERLOO 18th June. 1815

This is a memorial placque, NOT an official presentation or award. In fact, Captain John Carr, who joined October 3rd. 1809, was in fact at the Battle of Waterloo, one of  SEVEN Captains of this Regiment. He was not wounded and was placed on Half Pay on May 25th 1816, and later restored to duty and full pay, as a Captain on January 3rd. 1822 in the 41st Regiment of Foot.

Raised in 1719 and known as "THE WELCH REGIMENT", the 41st Regiment of Foot was the Regiment ARTHUR WELLESLEY, later THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON, joined on January 23rd. 1788 as a fresh faced Lieutenant aged 19 years of age.

A very attractive Sword that has lain undiscovered possibly for nearly 200 years, ready to display.

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