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Original Russian Crimean War M-1827 Pioneer Sawback Cutlass modified for Naval Use - dated 1832

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This heavy Naval Cutlass started life as a Standard M-1827 Pioneer Saw Back Cutlass/Sidearm and is dated 1832 on the brass hilt. This is a classic and well known issue, with a heavy 19 1/2 inch sawback blade, and an overall length of 26 1/2 inches.

However, this example has been modified. Clearly for Military use this sidearm has been fitted with a heavy sheet iron guard protecting the hand from two directions. This official model designation of this modification is unknown. It has been concluded that with the coming Crimean War of the early/mid 1850's, these Sidearms were modified for use with the BLACK SEA FLEET. The iron guard is distinctly marked on the underside in paint with the numeral 20 as a rack number. The guard also is cracked on the spine side of the guard.

We have left this item just as we found it, totally uncleaned to really show the patina of age resulting from sea service. Markings can be seen on the blade ricasso, as well as on the handle next to the date, but we have been unable to decipher them. The saw teeth and blade still carry old rust staining which could be easily improved and the brass hilt polished if so desired. 

A rare modification, ready to display.

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