Original 1780 French Louis XVI Take Down Double Barreled Flintlock Coach Carbine

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is truly magnificent. Made by ESCALERE, RUE DE TOURNON, PARIS and so marked in gold along the center barrel rib of the side by side barrels which are 12.75 inches in length. Features include- 27-inches in overall length, engraved steel mounts, two flintlocks each marked ESCALERE, PARIS, a fine wood detachable butt stock making the weapon very concealable and ideal for 18th Century Coach travel. We think there may have been a pistol grip attachment that was lost long ago. The gun even retains its original ivory tipped ramrod with worm fitting to rear. Gold lined pans and much gold decoration to the barrel with a gold sunburst foresight are known French details of the time.

Clearly this was a weapon belonging to a French Aristocrat from the period directly before the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, just amazing.

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