MG 13 Sustained Fire Set

Item Description

Original Item: Special Accessory: The MG 13 Sustained Fire Set Contains a folding bipod base, a butt monopod, a traversing base, and five square steel rods.  Leather straps hold the bipod feet into specially shaped recesses to prevent movement.  Two sets of recesses are provided for different width settings of the bipod.  A beautifully finished monopod for the butt, featuring a leather pad in the attachment ring indicative of prewar quality standards.  The butt monopod rides in a slot in the curved traversing base.  The base is fitted with two limit stops to define the horizontal arc to be covered by fire.  Five plated steel stakes hold the bipod base and the traversing base firmly to the ground.  Another very scarce German LMG accessory.  The forerunner of the MG 34 Sustained Fire Set, it differs only in the diameter of the butt monopod clamp.  Supplied in a very well made canvas and leather carrying case.

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