Lewis Gun Drum Magazine: Russian Made: Very Rare

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Original Item: One ONLY!!! When first introduced, the Lewis Light Machinegun was revolutionary; it was the cutting edge of technology and it worked! Heavy machine guns had been around for nearly 20 years but this was the first successful portable "Light Machine gun" developed.

Many countries leapt on the bandwagon, the British in .303cal, the Americans with .30/06 and even the Imperial Russians in 7.62 x 54 mm. Lewis Guns themselves are very rare today, most that survived are in the United States, because they were surplus prior to 1968, and were therefore importable. In recent years what few that have surfaced overseas were snapped up by high paying European Collectors. However the question remains: what happened to the Russian Lewis Guns? The Russians say they don't have them so these have to be really rare! So what do you know; we found just one original 47 round Lewis Gun drum magazine marked "R 7.62m.m." It's the real thing. This is for the advanced collector and is in really excellent shape. Add this to your collection for only $594.95.00.  ONE ONLY.

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