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Italian M1891 Cavalry Carbine, One Only

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Item Description

 Original Item:  Originally designed for cavalry troops, this carbine was used very extensively by artillery and engineer troops in addition to cavalry, and it seen in virtually every photograph of Italian troops from the First and Second World Wars.  No collection of World War I or World War II small arms is complete without an M1891 Cavalry Carbine. 

Most of this model that have been available on the collector market have the later simple fixed rear sight adopted under Mussolini to cut costs, whereas this sample has the intriguing quadrant-style rear sight.  The quadrant-style sight was used extensively in the latter half of the 19th Century, but they are relatively hard to find now.  In the quadrant-style sight, the range indexes are machined into a pair of ?ears? that enclose the sight, and the different ranges are marked with notches for each hundred meters of distance to the target.  In addition to these settings, the Model 1891 Cavalry Carbine sight has the ?flip-over? feature.  The sight leaf may be ?flipped? through a half circle to come to a rest position machined into the wood front hand guard, providing a second fixed-range notch.

This sample is as good as you will ever be able to add to your collection, and still retains the original cleaning rod in the butt stock and an original sling.  It is still in heavy Cosmoline.  From a private collection. Condition:  Wood, minor storage dings;  Metal, excellent.

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