Original German WWII Army Heer Officer Dagger with High End Replica Etched Blade marked Clemen & Jung

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. After the end of WWII, USGI's brought home a multitude of German WWII items, including all types of medals, awards, and other memorabilia, especially edged weapons. Within a year or so, there was already booming collector's market for these items, and many dealers were making trips to Germany to bring back masses of militaria for the market. Additionally, during the immediate post ware period, many companies in Germany still had stocks of components for many of these items, and firms began assembling badges using these old stock parts, sometimes utilizing some replica components.

It wasn't until 1947 that the production of items with NSDAP insignia was banned, so for a few years in the late 1940s, there was a relatively large industry assembling daggers and other items from original parts for servicemen to collect and take home.

This is a very good condition German Army Officer's Dagger with scabbard, composed of original WWII parts with a very nice replica etched blade. It looks like the dagger was already assembled, and then had the blade replaced during the immediate post war years. It is also possible that it was entirely made from parts, but the fittings match quite well, with a lovely aged grip, so those parts look to be original. The tang of the blade also is correct for WWII production, so it's possible that an original blade had the etching added.

The plated alloy pommel of this dagger is in very good condition, showing a little wear and a bit of wear through around the edge, but nothing bad. The standing oak leaves and acorns are crisply detailed and have good backgrounds. The silver plated cross guard is in similar condition, with a nice lightly patinated finish, with oxidized accents. The details throughout the eagle are exceptional throughout the head, breast and wing feathering, talons and wreathed mobile swas. It really just looks great, with the perfect patina. The grip ferrule looks to be silver-plated non-magnetic alloy, and is in very nice condition with some oxidation.

The celluloid grip is in good shape, with some light staining and a lovely pumpkin orange color. The grooves have a bit of dirt in them, and there are a few chips, but no major damage or cracks. The crossguard is still firmly attached, and the original leather blade buffer is still present.

The blade is in very good condition, with only a bit of oxidation and wear visible. One side has a Heer Wehrmachtadler (armed forces eagle) with floral work around it. The other side has the inscription Für langjährige treue Dienste der Generalstab. (For many years of loyal service the General Staff) in German "Black Letter" typeface.

The the blade is marked with an oval containing the "Crowned Shield" trademark of Clemen & Jung Waffenfabrik (Weapons Factory) of Solingen, the legendary "City of Blades" in the mountains of Western Germany. Around the shield are the name and address of the maker:

(Crowned Shield)

This company was founded in 1860, and rapidly gained numerous domestic and foreign contracts for edged weapons. They entered the Solingen Commercial Register in 1876, and in 1898 registered the "Crowned Shield" logo, which has the letter Z inside the shield. This previously had been another makers trademark, but it was transferred to Clemen & Jung. The company supplied many edged weapons for the First World War, and continued during the interwar period, and into the Third Reich period. They did use this trademark on early SA daggers, but was not seen on Army Officer daggers, which is a big clue to it being a replica or remarked blade. For more information please see GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS by J. Anthony Carter, pages 132-134.

The scabbard is a fine example, and looks to be aluminum or some other non-magnetic alloy with silver plating, much of which is retained. This straight scabbard has very crisp, finely grained panels. The carrying bands have an excellent pattern of overlapping oak leaves and acorns, which are nicely enhanced, but also show some wear. The throat is the thinner style, and has a single flush mount securing screws on the rear side.

A very interesting German WWII dagger, with a very nice replica etched blade. Ready to display!

Blade Length: 9 1/2"
Blade Style: Spear Point Dagger
Overall length: 14“
Crossguard: 2 3/4”
Scabbard Length: 11 1/8"

The German Army (Heer) first carried a dagger beginning in 1935. The weapon was worn in lieu of occasions not demanding the wearing of a more formal sword. The dagger design was quite attractive featuring silvered heavy fittings with white or colored grip. The crossguard depicted a Wehrmacht open-winged eagle clutching a wreathed swas.

The pommel depicted oak leafing around the outer circumference. The scabbard had panels of pebble designs. Later produced examples were plated with nickel, and late war-made pieces were unplated, finished in a gray color metal. These daggers are often encountered with an aluminum portepee.

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