German WWII Wehrmacht Large Dynamite Stick- Dynamit

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New Made Item: Made in the USA! These are wonderful totally inert sticks of German WW2 Heer "dynamit" sticks. Each stick hand made, with incredible attention to detail. These are not the usual 8 inch x 1.3 inch U.S. dynamite sticks made to look like old German WW2 styles. There are numerous photos of different types of text but we decided on this style from a surviving print sample dated 1939. This item has been heavily researched using actual wartime samples!

Features include-

Correct 30 mm (1.18 inch) in diameter

Correct 250 mm (9.85 inches) in length

Correct paper color matched to genuine WWII sample dated 1939

Simulated Paraffin coating, will not transfer when on display in the heat.

Gently rattles when shaken, as if filled with powder.

Did we mention that these are made in the USA?

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