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German WWII Teller Mine 42 TMi42- Steel Inert

Item Description

New Made Item: This reproduction steel TMi42 teller mine is a fantastic creation. Each mine is powder coated Geldbraun (Afikakorps Tan) with white stenciling that reads T.Mi.42/T,Ii.Z.42 15, spring-loaded and you can even put a CO2 Cartridge inside in order for it to blow up when stepped on or pressure is applied. Place baby powder or flour inside the mine and the CO2 will create a plume of smoke making this perfect for reenacting, war games or active display.

These reproduction mines are made exclusively for IMA inside the USA. Each weighs nearly 9 lbs, has a steel carry handle (just like the originals) and we even include ONE CO2 cartridge.

These mines are perfectly safe and are in no way able to be converted to an explosive device. They are legal in all of the USA. For orders outside the USA, or orders by Air, we cannot include a CO2 cartridge.

History of the teller mine: The Teller mine was a German-made antitank mine common in World War II. With explosives sealed inside a sheet metal casing and fitted with a pressure-actuated fuze, Teller mines had a built-in carrying handle on the side. As the name suggests (Teller is the German word for dish or plate) the mines were plate-shaped. Containing little more than 5.5 kilograms of TNT and a detonation pressure of roughly 200 pounds, the Teller mine was capable of blasting the tracks off of any World War II-era tank or destroying a lightly armored vehicle. Because of its rather high operating pressure, only a vehicle or heavy object passing over the Teller mine would set it off. Teller mines had two additional fuze wells (on the side and underneath) to enable anti-handling devices to be attached.

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