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German WWII SS M44 Tanker Jacket & Trouser Set

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Item Description

New Made Item: Constructed of high-density water resistant cotton in the M44 Camouflage Dot Pattern. Fabric is soft and smooth fabric to the touch as opposed to rough herringbone twill, even has a white interior lining.

Jacket Specifics: Waist length, double-breasted wrap around jacket. The buttons are hidden and there are no external pockets to help prevent snagging on components inside vehicles- when a hasty exit is required, snags are bad. Our jacket is patterned from an original. Although intended for AFV crews, it is not uncommon to see these being worn by Panzergrenadiers as well. Like the 44 dot tunic these Jackets were designed to be worn with only a sleeve eagle. Our uniforms come without insignia. Other insignias was never officially authorized (by the Waffen SS) for use on these tunics. However, some soldiers did add shoulder boards and awards. Collar tabs were see only very rarely used and were customized by the soldier themselves.

Trouser Specifics: Constructed from an original pair of trousers, featuring hip pockets with button down flaps, tapered ankles, and built-in adjustable waist cinches. All pockets and buttons are functional. Trouser legs have correct stirrup style tie downs, pocket configuration, suspender connections, belt loops and reinforced crotch.

This is a very high quality set at a fantastic price!

One size fits most.

Jacket Size: US 38-44.

Trouser (pant) Size: Up to 40 waist, 36 inseam.

Panzer overseas side cap available separately.

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