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German WWII SS Heimwehr Danzig (Poland) 1939 3' x 5' has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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German WWII SS Heimwehr Danzig (Poland) 1939 3' x 5'

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New Made Item: This is a High Quality 3' x 5' flag ready to display. Comes complete with 2 metal hang side grommets for easy flying. Recommended for indoor use. Synthetic.

The SS Heimwehr Danzig ("Home Defense of Danzig") Battalion was an SS unit established in the free city of Danzig, before the Second World War. It fought with the German army against the Polish Army during the invasion of Poland. After this it became part of the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf and ceased to exist as an independent unit. Basically, this impressive flag represented a unit that existed only between July and November of 1939, then was absorbed into another larger unit, the SS-Totenkompf Division.

It is also a grave error to call this unit "Polish," and extremely offensive to the Poles. They take a great pride in the fact, that while there were naturally a few collaborators, and those usually motivated out of greed or fear, that their numbers were minuscule when compared with those of other occupied countries. This unit, with it's impressive flag, was mainly a propaganda effort on the part of the Nazis to try and show popular support for their take-over of Poland. There were no Poles in the ranks of either the SS Heimwehr Danzig or the later SS-Totenkompf Division.

Note: IMA does not endorse the ideals of the Third Reich. These materials are intended for the use of collectors and re-enactors.

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