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German WWII SA Dagger RZM M7/42 with Belt Hanger

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New Made Item: Copied directly from an original example in the IMA collection this is a fine reproduction of a later-produced SA Dagger constructed of wood with a steel blade.

The grip is a hardwood typical RZM grip and fits the cross guards extremely well. Features a SA runes button and a "high-necked" grip eagle that if you examine it closely will see that all details are there to the head, beak, breast feathering, wing feathering, talons, wreath and mobile swastika.

The scabbard has chocolate paint and correct polished "nickel" mounts retained by dome head steel screws.

A leather short hanger is complete with a retainer loop. The hardware is the later type having gray "nickel-plated" surfaces.

The blade is simply excellent with the motto Alles für Deutschland (Everything for Germany) crisply etched, complete with darkening to the background. The reverse ricasso features an open double RZM circle and below is the manufacturer's code M7/42. The blade shoulders nicely fit the cross guard contour.

The finest SA Dagger reproduction on the market offered for a very affordable price.


Overall: 15 inches

Dagger: 13 1/2 inches

Blade: 8 1/2 inches

Scabbard: 10 inches

History of the SA-

The SA or Brown Shirts, were a private political formation which Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP used to maintain order at organized Party meetings and demonstrations. The group was formed in 1921, and grew to a huge force of nearly 3,000,000 men by the later 1930's. To instill esprit de corps, as well as create employment for the Blade City of Solingen, it was decided each SA man would carry a dagger with his Brown Shirt uniform. Huge quantities needed to be produced to accommodate the demand. The dagger initially was produced of hand-fitted nickel mounts with attractive finished wood grip and brown anodized (a bluing process) finished scabbard.

The blade was etched with the SA motto, Alles für Deutschland. Examples produced prior to 1935 were stamped with the German sector of the SA group on reverse lower crossguard. Later examples underwent standardization through the RZM ministry. These pieces were produced of cheaper plated zinc-base fittings and scabbards were simply painted brown.

Prior to his "unmasking" as a traitor, Ernst Röhm was the leader of the SA. In 1934, he distributed approximately 100,000 SA daggers with his personal inscription on the reverse blade. These daggers were to honor individuals who had served with the SA prior to December, 1931. Other than the inscription, these pieces were identical to the standard M1933 SA dagger. After the Röhm purge, the inscription was ordered to be removed. Many examples were returned to the factory for grinding. Others were simply ground in the field by whatever means were available. Examples will occasionally be encountered with remnants of the original inscription remaining on the blade, but mostly none will remain. Some blades exist with an intact inscription, reflecting only the removal of the Röhm signature. Very very rarely is an example seen with a full, untouched inscription, as the holder would have surely risked a charge of treason.


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