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German WWII Reproduction M35 Luftwaffe Afrikakorps Italian FLAK 88 Helmet

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New Made Item: These are so authentic people will think they are genuine WW2. No two are the same! Simply put this is the very best reproduction M1935 helmet available anywhere. It is an IMA exclusive and has been in development for over a year. It was copied exactly from an original in the IMA collection. But let us explain precisely why it is the very best:

Every helmet has been hand painted and aged, so none will be the same. We have also aged and darkened the leather liner to give it a one-of-a-kind personalization as if it was picked up after a battle put away in a safe place and rediscovered 70 years later.

Luft AK/Italy Flak88

The celebrated Flak88 gun was used in an anti tank role starting in 1941 in Afrika primarily handled by the Luftwaffe. In 1942 the Afrikakorp had been pushed into Tunisia where the Tan camo was revised for a mixture of tan, brown, and green due to the changing terrain. This was further used once the survivors crossed back into Italy in 1943. The Italian camouflage was a mix of Tan/Brn/Green compared to the straight browns in Africa and the primary greens used in Russia and France.

This helmet shell is constructed of 1.8mm thick steel, exactly the same thickness used by the Germans in WWII. This means our helmet is as heavy and as solid as an original. The shell is large (size 68) and has the correct classic M1935 rolled edge as well as proper hollow rivet ventilation holes. For added authenticity we stamped the code 1575 at nape and ET68 over ear.

The liner comprised of soft (dark colored) genuine leather that, just like the originals, will turn brown with age, in correct eight finger configuration with central drawstring and an M1931 aluminum liner band that is maker marked, dated, and size stamped! Liner size can accommodate head sizes 7 (56cm) up to 7 5/8 (61cm).

This is perhaps the finest most authentic M35 replica helmet offered anywhere in the world.

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