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German WWII M38 Luftschutz Helmet with Decal

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New Made Item: One encountered these quite about 25 years ago, and slowly they have begun to disappear off the market. When they do arise for sale they are well of $400. Issued by the Germans in WW2 to Anti-Aircraft Crews, civilian defense officers, water patrols, Nazi Police, these Steel Helmets featured a wide steel skirt beneath the helmet skull, which gave the helmet the nickname "The Gladiator Helmet". Also used by WW2 Fire Fighters combating the Fire Storms, resulting from Allied bombing raids, these helmets have Salt Shaker ventilation holes on either side. Large Ear Cut-outs, similar to the Classic WW1 Cavalry Helmets intended for use with Ear Phones when worn on AA Gun Duty.

Each helmet is a good Large 7 1/2"+ size each, comes in Black paint finish together with Seven tongued correct brown leather liner and adjustable leather chin strap. When worn by civil defense and police each helmet had a large winged "Luftschutz" and swastika decal across the front, as pictured.

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