German WWII High Quality Set of Replica 27 Inch Railroad Train and Flag Pole Finial Eagles

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Only One Set Available. After the end of WWII, USGI's brought home a multitude of German NSDAP items, including large aluminum Deutsche - Reichsbahn Adler "train eagles". They also brought home impressive cast aluminum NSDAP flying Reichsadler State Eagles. By the 1950s, there was a booming collector's market for these items, and many dealers were making trips to Germany to bring back masses of militaria for the market. 

As prices rose, it was somewhat inevitable that replicas would be made, as the cost of making a sand casting of these impressive Aluminum eagles was far less than the cost of purchasing one.  Some were obviously fakes, poorly made reproductions with many flaws, which were sometimes comical in appearance. These two eagles however are not those, and are high-quality replicas that will make a worthy addition to any WWII Collection, in place of the very high priced originals.

The first eagle is a replica of a German World War Two rail road eagle used to attach to the front of locomotives and box cars during the reign of the Third Reich. It measures 27 inches across and 15 inches tall which is generally refereed to as a 27 inch eagle and a standard size for locomotive eagles. The reverse has replica maker marks, as well as 4 threaded holes for attachment. Condition is very nice, though the front is missing the level of detail seen on original eagles.

The second eagle is a replica of a German WWII "Flying Eagle" flag pole topper or finial, which has a well executed eagle sitting atop a wreathed Hakenkreuz (Hook Cross or Swastika). It measures approximately 16 inches across and 10 inches tall. It still retains the threaded bolt on the bottom for attaching to the top of a pole. Condition is nice, though it does have some corrosion and pitting in the aluminum, as well as casting defects, which are part of what identify it as a replica. 

Both of these really "look the business", and are an affordable way to spruce up your German WWII display.

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