German WWII Feuerwehr Vintage Red Fire Bucket

Item Description

Original Item (with a newly applied marking): These have only just come into the country and are old Antique Red Fire Buckets from perhaps as far back as the 1930s. Impressive as these have a fixed handle on the bottom of the pail as well as the traditional movable ringed handle on the top. The buckets were intended for hanging most probably full of sand but certainly could be used for water if required. This is exactly what was found on WW2 Air Fields on both sides of the conflict, as well as used by German Fire Departments (Feuerwehr) for air raids. However, this supply of buckets was found in Holland close to the German border, and was then imported to Belgium.

Now to spice these up, we have added a replicated German eagle marking in white to simulate WWII German use, never the less these are still original vintage fire buckets from the time of the Second World War or close after, making these a fantastic eye catching addition to any WWII collection!

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