German WWII 500gr Westfalit SS Explosive Block

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New Made Item: Made in the USA! These are wonderful totally inert blocks of German WW2 Westfalit 500gr SS Explosives. Each block is hand made, with incredible attention to detail. Originally used for mining blasting European coalmines in the 1890's they were adopted during WWI by the German military for use in trench and mining warfare. Westfalit as a commercial explosive was based on ammonium nitrate, some TNT, DNT formula. This explosive was also widely used during the Second World War. This particular charge displays the "SS" marking and death head skull.


• 500 gr inert charges
• approximate size: 115mm X 48mmX 38mm
• Dated 1940 - 45
• Wax sealed
• Wood block core construction with cardboard wrapper
• Totally inert reproduction theatrical Hollywood prop
• Made in the USA

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