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German M1871/84 Infantry Rifle, One Only

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Original Item:  After the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 ? 71, the Prussians recognized the need for a modernized rifle and adopted one of the earliest Mauser rifles, the M1871.  The M1871 was designed by the Mauser Brothers, and was the first rifle adopted recently-created German Empire, right after Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1. 

By the late 1870s, it became apparent that magazine rifles were the weapon of the future, especially after the disastrous defeat of Russian troops at Plevna (1877) by Turkish troops armed with early Winchester repeating rifles.  So the Prussian army wanted to upgrade the M1871 Mauser, which was done by adding a Winchester-style magazine and giving it the new model number, M1871/84, which was also done by the Swiss (Vetterli) and Austrians (Kropatschek).  This was the last large-bore German rifle before the adoption of the 8-mm Commission Rifle of 1888. 

A small quantity of these Mauser M1871/84s was found by Val Forgett III of Navy Arms in the 1990s in Uruguay.  He cleaned them up by bead blasting to remove rust, and added replacement stocks.  This is an economical way to own one of the most important of Mauser?s early developmental pieces.  The M1871/84 is a very important rifle in the history of German small arms, and the German government would not adopt another Mauser design until the famous M1898.

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