French Napoleonic Small Bronze 10 lb Howitzer

Item Description

Original Item: Found in our cannon shipment from Nepal that went to England, here is the cutest little Bronze Howitzer bearing a Crowned N crest, assumed to be for Napoleon Bonaparte. This howitzer is circa 1805-1815. British India received great quantities of captured cannon from the Napoleonic Wars including Danish Cannon taken at The Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 that were subsequently sold as war booty by the British Admiralty and purchased by The East India Cannon. Among the number of cannon we recovered from Nepal, we received Dutch, Danish, and French Cannon from the late 1700s and early 1800s. We even got a couple of Russian cannon taken in the Crimean War of 1853 as well as a many British Cannon and additional cannon from which the markings had been removed and sometimes were replaced with Royal Nepalese Crests.

This Bronze Howitzer measures just 22.5 inches overall and 13.5 inches across the trunnions (the widest part). With a bore of 4.4 inches this translates to a 10 pounder. This is truly a wonderful little howitzer. The down side is that it weights a lot. Our strongest IMA employee is able to just lift off the ground a few inches, telling us it weighs far more than the UPS 150 lbs weight limit (maybe 250 lbs?). Looks like its truck freight or pick up at our Retail location in Easton, PA for this little one.

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