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British WWII Bren LMG Mk 1 Parts Set - Super Rare Mk I Enfield Transitional Receiver - 1940 Dated

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Original Item: The British Expeditionary Force was evacuated from Dunkirk in late May and early June 1940 under severe pressure from the German Wehrmacht. They left most of their equipment, including the new Bren Gun, behind on the beaches; so that virtually all Brens in existence now are of post-Dunkirk manufacture. Not only that, but at the beginning of July, a directive was executed indicating that a number of time-saving changes were to be made in the design, and these resulted in the Mark I Modified (Mk I/M) on August 21 and the Mark II right after on September 4. In other words, the Mk I essentially ceased to exist right after Dunkirk, and much of what had been manufactured before Dunkirk was lost, making the Mk I receiver a genuine rarity.

IMA has obtained a very small number of original Mk I receivers dated 1940 and has made them into parts sets. The Mk I is distinguished in several ways from all later receivers: the left side of the receiver has TWO vertical dovetail slots. The rear slot is for the drum sight, while the front slot is for an indirect-fire dial sight. The right side features a prominent reinforcing rib at the rear of the magazine well; the top front of the well normally has two oval lightening dimples. The top rear of the receiver was beveled to remove additional weight. These features were abandoned to simplify and speed manufacture. Lastly, the gas cylinder section of the receiver has complex lightening cuts, and the gas shield has a concave groove on the front to control exhaust gas direction.

However, it would appear that the changes were not all done immediately. We have found an Enfield (E in D) logo marked receiver that has characteristics of both the true Mark I, and the Mark I* (modified). This receiver has the second sight dovetail, as well as the reinforcement on the other side of the magazine well. The gas tube is deeply fluted in the typical early MkI Style. However, the "dimples" at the front of the magazine well are absent, as is the beveling on the rear of the receiver. In all likelihood, this is a receiver that was in production as the changes were being made after Dunkirk, and the last lightening cuts were omitted. A fantastic bit of history for any Bren collector.

This parts set consists of

• Demilled Enfield Mk1 Transitional Receiver with Mark 1 drum back sight assembly.
• Live Mark 1 Barrel assembly with regulator.
• Mark 1 adjustable bipod (extremely hard to find)
• Mark 1 lower frame with original Mk1 Buttstock and butt plate. Shoulder rest has been removed.
• All relevant internal parts as photographed, complete with early-style operating rod.
• Each Set comes with a standard Bren Box Magazine where permitted.

Now that LIVE barrels are no longer importable and with the recent introduction of an BATF approved semi-automatic Bren system, this may very well be your last opportunity to get a hold of one of these excellent WW2 parts sets.

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