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British WWII Bren .303cal MkII Parts Set with MK2 Demilled Receiver

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Item Description

Original Item: Still retaining the original choice live barrel, IMA is pleased to offer a small selection of now really hard to find British WW2 Bren Gun Parts Sets complete with torch cut Receivers imported over 10 years ago. Consisting of:

• Demilled Mk 2 Receiver with Mark 2 ladder flip back sight assembly.
• Mark 2 Barrel assembly with regulator.
• Mark 2 Bipod, non-adjustable.
• Mk 2 Butt /Lower Assembly with "flat butt plate and small shoulder protrusion on rear.
• All relevant internal MK2 parts as photographed on
• Each Set comes with a standard Bren Box Magazine where permitted.

We've waited a long time for these. These are the "TRUE" Mark II Bren Gun Parts Sets developed and manufactured in WW2. The Bren Mark II featured the "Ladder flip up Back Sight" which replaced the Mark I Drum Sight. The Butt plate no longer had the Cup configuration of the early Mark I or the plate with the shoulder rest tab on the top of the later Mark I. The barrel no longer sported a stainless steel flash hider section and the bipod was greatly improved using stronger non-extending feet. Many Mark I Brens were converted to Mark II specification but retained the antiquated Drum Sight System. Each of our Mark II Parts Sets come with a "marked" Bren Mark II demilled receiver and a Box Magazine (where permissible). See our Mark I/II Set we already offer for comparison to our just received Bren "True" Mark II Parts Sets now available. Regret quantity is very limited.

Now that "LIVE" Barrels are no longer importable and with the recent introduction of an "approved" semi-automatic Bren system, this may very well be your last opportunity to get a hold of one of these excellent WW2 parts sets.

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