British Sten 20 Round Magazine 5 Pack

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Original Item: IMA offers an exceptional great deal on their Sten 20 Round magazines! Each magazine is fitted with friction reducers in the form of four internal brass rods. Contrary to the popular belief that these wires were introduced to reduce the magazine capacity, they were actually installed in the magazines to provide better feeding and fewer jams. Sten magazines were copied originally from German MP 28 magazines, which have vertical ridges impressed into the sides. These ridges provide clearance for dirt to fall past the cartridges. When the Sten magazine was designed, it did away with the ridges. This, combined with the very heavy spring pressure in a loaded magazine, led to the magazines being prone to jamming. The brass rods provide a very low-friction surface to guide the cartridges, and also provide clearance for dirt. Buy a 5 pack and pay only $7 per magazine!

(NOTE: Display Gun Sold separately.)Large Capacity Magazine Restrictions:

Due to restrictive state laws we can no longer ship large capacity magazines to certain states & Cities:

? New Jersey - 15 round maximum for semi-automatic firearms only.

? California - 10 round maximum for all magazines.

? Maryland - 20 round maximum for all magazines.

? Hawaii - 10 round maximum for all handgun magazines.

? Massachusetts - over 10 rounds.

? Chicago, Illinois - over 12-rounds.

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